Pro Amps 6500mah 4S 60C Hard Case LiPo

Pro Amps 6500mah 4S 60C Hard Case LiPo

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The Pro Amps 6500mah HV 4S 60c Hard Case LiPo Battery features Silica Graphene Cell Seperation Grid for lower internal resistance, increase voltage output, reduce operating temperatures and improve cycle-life.

A 14.8 nominal voltage means that with a suitable charger that features high voltage charging feature, the battery can be safely charged to 4.35V/cell. It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power/rpm so there is no easier way to achieve a performance advantage than pairing lipo chemistry with silica cell separation grid technology with a higher charge voltage! However, even when the typical 16.2V (4.2V/cell) charging limit is enforced by the governing bodies, Pro Amps still offers a significant advantage thanks to a much more linear discharge curve, which results in more voltage and punch throughout your race.

A high-quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while embedded socket connectors keeps resistance to a minimum thus more power. A charge lead hard wired.


  • Silica Graphene Cell Separation Grid (only)
  • Extended cycle-life 3000 plus cycles
  • Reduced IR
  • Durable hard case
  • Built to ROAR/EFRA/BRCA/IFMAR specifications and approved

Capacity: 6500mAh min /peak @ 5800mah
Voltage: 14.8V -15.2V (4S)
Dimensions: 138.0 x 46.5 x 48.0mm
Max. Charge Rate: 33 A
Discharge Current: 60C continuous
Weight: 570g
Socket: 5mm